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The firm has been specializing itself in legal demands about diffuse, collective and homogeneous individual rights. We have wide performance in collective actions and public civil actions, which include: consumer law, environmental law and economic law, besides class actions involving discussion about harmful acts to public assets.
Over the years, the firm has been gaining experience in conduct judicial disputes at Arbitration Courts, in Brazil and outside the country, including adoption of legal measures to effect international decisions of Brazilian Arbitration Chambers.
Complete follow-up and consulting for presentation and referral of defenses and administrative appeals and judicial measures in administrative law areas, specially bids and contracts with public administration. Including experience concession mechanisms and administrative licenses.
Organization of Catholic institutions
The firm monitors local environmental laws and gives legal support to companies in their relation with government environmental agents for obtaining licenses and authorizations. For this, the firm has the assistance of technical consultants of famous national and international companies, which work specifically in this area.
As the direct result of the continuous growth and importance of the resulting matter of companies mergers and acquisitions, in many differents economic areas, the firm has been acting as consultant for companies in the activities which they develop and in the relationship with Brazilian government agencies (CADE, DECON, SDE).
The firm provides legal advisory services about banking contracts, including those involving government indicators, mortgage guarantees, interest rates on credit operations, as well as it has great performance by the Judiciary, in actions about those subjects.
Assistance and consultancy for religious institutions, colleges and Catholic universities.

Expertise and consultancy in ecclesiastical courts and the Sacra Rota Romana.

The firm offers legal advice to corporations and individuals in the widest range of transactions and commercial and corporate procedures, such as: joint-ventures and other kind of association of undertakings (mergers); corporate disputes; franchise; commercial representation and other forms of negotiating agreements.
Assistance and advice on a wide range of subjects related to family law and successions, such as: preparation and registration of wills; enrollment and inventory of Brazilian and foreign goods; separation and divorce; adoption.
Advice and assistance in labor law about Issues arising from the employee-employer-union relationship, specially about collective bargain agreements negotiations and legal actions.
The firm offers advice in all areas related to Brazilian consumer legislation, including defense, administrative and judicial, interests of our clients about various subjects, mainly in disputes related to banking business, new products and orientation of provider and consumer.
Advice and support in various matters involving real estate transactions, such as: real state documents legalization; advice on the acquisition of areas (rural and urban); legal documentation preparation; activities related to shopping centers contracts, theme parks, condominiums and similar.
Assistance to companies about social security contribution, in view of often frequent changes in Brazilian law. The firm makes administrative defenses before competent agencies, in cases of social security debts entries by the National Institute od Social Security, as well as promotes the questioning of the matter in the judicial sphere.
The firm represents its clients in general litigation raises from, among others, civil law, commercial law, corporate law, administrative law, tax law, including before the Federal Supreme Court. The firm has recognized experience in collective actions, banking actions and actions involving consumer law.
Advice and assistance regarding all the federal, state and municipal taxes in Brazil, covering defense, administrative and judicial, in our clients interest.
Advice and assistance for national and international companies in trademark registration, patents, copyright, logos and other licensing procedures in any areas.
Complete assistance in insurance contracts formalization and litigation from those contracts.